April 16, 2023
April 15, 2023
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Kitchens are seen as the heart of every home. We associate kitchen with the heat, smells and a warm atmosphere.

An extremely important room in any house is the bathroom. It is not only a place where we take care of our hygiene, but also enables relaxation. Properly equipped bathroom is the pride of every home. Without a doubt, it should be comfortable and functional.

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Remodeling & Flooring, Inc is a family owned company, gained experience through years. If you are  looking remodeling for your home or hardwood floors, we can make your dream a reality!

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Wood floors for years are considered the best and healthiest for humans. Wood "breathes" which regulates the microclimate of the house. It absorbs moisture and releases it back when the air becomes drier. Lonizes the air, does not electrified nor attracts dust. This is very important especially for people prone to allergies.
It adds a warm, beautiful, elegant, natural part of every house. Hardwood flooring lasts longer and is easier to clean. It'll keep its value and beauty for years to come. Houses with wood floors sell faster at a higher price than homes without wood floors. You can choose a color to match your personality, style and home .
The one thing that most people want in their home is more space, and increasingly homeowners are looking to find this by converting and extending their cellar to create a basement storey beneath their existing property. A basement is the ideal location for additional family living space, such as a playroom or home entertainment room.
It is also a great place to relocate the utility room, boiler and storage, freeing up more valuable above-ground space. Alternatively, a basement can have its own external entrance and provide a self-contained unit, ideal for use as a home office, annexe, or a even an entirely separate new dwelling.
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